*It’s a wonder how some people become famous. Take that Korean rapper, Psy, for example.

If you don’t speak Korean you don’t understand what he’s saying; his “Gangnam Style”dance is … kind of dumb; but somehow, someway, his video is the most popular post on YouTube.

As of today, 11-29-12, “Gangnam Style” received over 845 million + views since debuting just a few months ago.

The crazier thing is, not even little girl heart throb Justin Bieber’s 2-year-old “Baby” video received that many.

How did the 34-year-old Korean dude do it?

Who knows?! But the song and dance has won the hearts of viewers from all walks of life, and has been emulated by countless fans.

“Gangnam Style” has surpassed the popularity of other Korean stars’ careers in such a short time.

“It’s been a massive hit at a global level unlike anything we’ve ever seen before,” reads a YouTube blog, which added the velocity in which the video has gained popularity is revolutionary

Either he’s a genius or there’s a conspiracy; no other options on this one.

Apparently, he’s no dummy. Psy, whose real name is Park Jai-sang, the son of a wealthy chairman of a South Korean semiconductor company, graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Check out the “Gangnam Style” to see what the fuss is all about: