*”The 2012 presidential election has raised a challenge for several different interest groups regarding the role of faith communities dominated by people of color, writes Kevin Slayton at Afro.com. But none has been more publicly courted by policy and political initiatives than the Black Church.

“Evident is a continued recognition by those in the political community of that historical platform of the African American pulpit. Still there are others that are not all that impressed. Critical to the Nov. 6 Election Day results were the efforts and voice of the Black Church and the Black preacher.

“All across America Black churches continue to stand as beacons in the community that help is available. Churches represent an opportunity of renewal for those facing destruction and signal the possibility for hope for communities that suffer from targeted disenfranchisement. I believe it was the latter on Election Day that has so embraced the religious loyalties of Black people. The Black Church undeniably got the vote out.”

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