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*We have been accustomed to hold our religious institutions and faith leaders so dear.

Not because of who they are but because we believe they represent a higher power that believes in justice and equity. A higher power that believes that no one should be treated better than the other.

In fact some liberation theologians say that Jesus Christ was not only a revolutionary leader but a social justice advocate. He expressed concern for the poor, weak and the vulnerable in our society.

Because Christianity is universal no one person can claim a monopoly over this religion which is part of the basis of my recent book “Obama and Christian Loyalty,” exploring the faith posture of President Obama, politics of the religious right, the Rev Jeremiah Wright saga and Obama’s policies as they affect Christians and non-Christians alike.

But last week the Rev. Billy Graham took an unusual position that suggests something deeper about some of the men and women in the cloth. It says alot about some Bible-carrying leaders.

Rev Graham took out every reference to Mormonism as a cult on his website after meeting with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney who is a Mormon. The evangelist follows that with political ads indirectly supporting Romney and citing issues that he agrees with Romney on.

Meanwhile Graham’s own son, Franklin Graham led the charge last year on Easter Sunday morning to question President Obama’s faith suggesting that he was born a Muslim. The nonsense of having ownership over Jesus from Franklin Graham was only challenged by few ministers, notably Bishop T.D. Jakes.

“You guys go through the newspapers every day. You’re checking off articles that are written. I look at a person’s political interests, but more importantly I look at their spiritual interests. I’m not judging them. But you have to go by what a person says and how they live their life,” Graham said before he continued to cast doubt on Obama’s faith.

No other president has had their faith questioned like Obama. For Franklin Graham, a man who calls himself a leader in the Christian faith to have challenged Obama’s faith on Eastern Sunday morning showed his deep inherent dislike for the president.

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