*And the tragic love soap opera of drama continues between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. The most recent development includes Twitter, hurt feelings, and a lot of foul language.

We begin this episode of S & J with accusations of the music producer being a homo.

Before all this, Joseline was Stevie’s girl; defending him when folks were attacking him and questioning his sexuality. Recall that conversation she had on the “Breakfast Club,”

“My man don’t do that…”

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Well, now she has turned on him, and taken to social media to call her former flame a flaming gay; even going a step farther to suggest he kill himself.

If it’s of any importance to anyone at this point, whether or not Stevie kissed Lil Wayne, he hasn’t denied the notion.

And just a little side note, doesn’t Joseline resemble a man sometimes? Maybe that’s what he likes eh?

Well, isn’t that nice? She posted, “Ladies the first time a n**** offer u drugs run away for cover lol. They try to destroy u cause they finish. Smh” And then, “f*** u d*** sucking a** n****. Go kill yourself u b****”

It’s not totally clear what happened between the two of them, but their relationship has always appeared quite strained and battle stricken. She also mentioned that they’re not together anymore (for the moment) because he’s allegedly abusive.

Interestingly enough, Ariane (from “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”)  chatted with the hosts of the “Breakfast Club” recently and was asked if Stevie is an abusive dude. She refused to answer.