kandi & todd*The new season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is totally going to be much more dramatic than all the rest.

There’s been so much hype surrounding the show for months now, not to mention the Bravo specials and interviews with cast members that have got fans at the edge of their seats.

The latest comes from cast member Kandi Burruss, who’s got a new man (Todd Tucker).

kandi & toddLife happens and love is happening to her, but everyone on the show wasn’t happy for her (of course).

“Everything in my life seems to be new right now. It was a lot at one time. I guess we kind of revealed it on the reunion special that I was in a relationship, and actually I started dating someone who worked for the company that produces our show. He’s a line producer, and his name is Todd,” she shares in an interview with the Huffington Post. “It’s kind of weird, because at first we kind of thought maybe this was going to be one of those things where maybe I’d have to choose either being on the show or my relationship with him. And we chose love.”

Check out the full interview at The Huffington Post.