katt williams*Once again Katt Williams has proven that he just ain’t right.

Williams has managed to find himself in the cross hairs of two law enforcement agencies in the Sacramento area after allegedly assaulting a store security guard and leading officers on a chase Sunday.

These incidents are just the latest in a string of legal problems for Williams. He was most recently arrested in Oakland on Nov. 15 on suspicion of assault. He’s also being sued because of a meltdown during an Oakland show on Nov. 16.

On Sunday afternoon, Sacramento police received a call about a disturbance at the downtown Hyatt Hotel, on L Street; Williams was not arrested. Williams was in town for a show he did on Friday.

A short time later, around 2:30 p.m., California Highway Patrol said Williams led them on a chase in a 3-wheeled motorcycle through downtown. Officers said Williams refused to stop, ran red lights, drove the wrong way down a street and almost hit five pedestrians. At one point, CHP said Williams took his helmet off and yelled “I’m not going to stop!”

Officers called off the chase for public safety reasons.

CHP said Williams’ 3-wheeled motorcycle did not have a license plate so they did not initially know who it was registered to. Officers later touched base with Sacramento police and were able to identify him. CHP plans to ask the Sacramento County District Attorney to charge Williams with felony evasion.

Around 7 p.m. Sunday, Williams allegedly assaulted a security guard at the Woodland Target. A video posted to YouTube shows Williams moments after he allegedly hit the employee. After talking to the alleged victim, witnesses and reviewing surveillance footage, Woodland police asked the Yolo County District Attorney to charge Williams with misdemeanor battery.

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