kim zolciak*Either Kim Zolciak is clueless or racist because she continues to make comments completely off base and offensive.

The reality star attempted to defend herself via the Bravo blog, but Kandi Burruss openly expressed her discontent for her reality show co-host’s obvious disregard and lack of sensitivity.

“Have you ever had one of those moments where something happened that wasn’t cool and after the fact you thought you should’ve told that b!tc# this or that? Well that was one of those moments for me,” Kandi admitted in her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” blog.

On the premiere of season 5, Kim came to visit Kandi. But it didn’t seem comfortable for either one.

Not only did Kim dawg Kandi because her house was once in foreclosure, but she also clowned that the singer lives in a ratchet neighborhood, prompting her to roll up her car windows and lock her doors.

“I was trying to be cool, like maybe they didn’t know better,” said Kandi about Kim and her employee/friend Sweetie Hughes. “…but after a while it was like Ok that’s enough of the ghetto neighborhood comments.”

Further, Kim joked about how Kandi’s indoor pool was perfect for a black person.

Damn Kim.

Others on the show were also offended by Kim’s comments, including Phaedra. Of course NeNe had a lot to say about it, since they’re enemies.