*Hey Denzel, I saw your movie ‘Flight’ last weekend, and I think you gave a superb performance.

It’s unfortunate that your performance is so believable that some who cannot separate what’s intended as entertainment from actuality have called for a boycott.

As you know your depiction of ‘Whip’ Whitaker has created quite a buzz. One blogger wrote in effect, the energy used to perpetuate a boycott of the movie would be better spent doing some community volunteer work, mentoring our misguided youth, or writing (calling) a complaint to your state representative about the ‘congressional malpractice’ we’ve seen these last four years. Instead – because of the instantaneous platform through social media – some people seem to derive meaning and substance for their lives from idle chit-chat and gossip.

Acting is acting and should be viewed just like any other vocation. I’ll venture to guess that most of those who choose to boycott don’t turn the channel on their favorite sports games and they know some of the athletes are actually living (not acting) the lifestyle you portrayed that they find so offensive. There are many celebrities out there pulling the ‘Whip.’

So Denzel, keep up the good work. I hope all the buzz, good or bad, translates into more revenue and rewards for a job well done.

Larry Buford is a Los Angeles-based songwriter and freelance article writer. He’s also the author of “Things Are Gettin’ Outta Hand” (Steuben Pub) www.amazon.com. Articles frequently appear (among others) in the Los Angeles Sentinel Op-Ed section. Visit the author at www.larrybuford.com. Or call him at: 213-20-8101.