jackie christie and laura govan*Laura Govan, it seems, is not beyond growing.

The “Basketball Wives: LA” star admitted that plotting revenge backfired, and she ended up learning the lesson she intended to teach Jackie Christie.

“My biggest thing was, ‘You are definitely going to feel how I felt,'” Laura explained about her season 2 plot; which was to give Jackie a taste of her own medicine.

It all started on season 1, when Laura’s arch nemesis supposedly concocted some lies about her, and spread rumors among the group.

So it wasn’t until season 2, when Jackie would least expect it, that she’d unleash her fury.

But before she could cast her evil spell, Laura sat down with Jackie’s daughter, who vented about her frustration about her mother.

“It changed,” she said. “It took away from my evil side. It made me realize what life is really about. It was a lesson. I got a lesson, and I’m thankful for that lesson.”

Laura won’t be seeking to lash out on Jackie any time soon and she’s been able to salvage a bit of their relationship.

“Jackie and I are definitely cordial. Will we be friends? No, never,” she said.

Watch Laura’s interview: