*Lupe Fiasco is such a breath of fresh air.

The brotha broke down during an interview with Sway on MTV’s “RapFix Live” when they journeyed back in time to the streets of Chicago where the rapper grew up.

When Fiasco was a young tike in the game, Sway visited him on his block where thuggin’, hustlin’, and violence was the king. Six years later, it’s all the same, if not worse.

Balling out of control, hardly able to get the words to his lips, Lu stammered out, “It’s some of them dudes is dead.”

Hardly able to speak words to his emotions, he took several minutes to collect himself, constantly wiping tears from his face.

In the old “My Block” clip, Fiasco admitted that the conditions in his poverty-stricken neighborhood weren’t cool to him. “Ain’t no song that I can make, there’s no ‘We are the World’ that I’m gonna make that’s gonna unify and make all this better,” he said back then.
“Nothing’s changed,” he said Wednesday. “Some of those kids ain’t gonna make it out of there. You feel so helpless. That was me, talking to me six years ago.”

He’s built a hugely successful career, always staying true to his roots in the grimy streets of Chicago. But he admits, the block where he grew up ain’t no place for young people.

“You gotta get out. Stick to what you know and get out. Because if you stay here, you gonna die, and you not gonna die for anything heroic, you not gonna die for anything meaningful. You gonna die for something that is worthless and nobody is gonna remember your name.”

Check out the moment at aprox 3:52 into the clip: