*Macy Gray is making some big moves in an attempt to revive her sluggish career.

The singer has officially remade the legendary Stevie Wonder’s “Talking Book” from the first song to the last, 40 years after it’s original release. She’s the first of her kind to take on a project of this magnitude.

“We were talking about ideas for cover songs and [Wilner] goes, ‘You know what you should do is a whole album. Everyone remakes movies, but no one remakes albums,'” Gray tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I thought that was a wild idea so I was like, ‘Yes!’ I picked Talking Book ’cause that’s one of my favorite records and I know it inside out.”

Gray, 45, has done other work before, covering songs and such, but this one she says was an intimidating enterprise and even after the finished product has been released, her nerves are getting the best of her sanity.

“I was just really nervous [about] if he was going to like it or not,” she confesses. “I don’t know how he feels about it yet. I’m scared to ask him.”

According to a rep for Gray, she has since reached out to Wonder’s camp but is still waiting for a response.

Meanwhile, in January, she’ll release yet another album – this time with all new original tracks.

“That will be out at the top of the year,” Gray tells THR. “It’s almost done already.”

The new “Talking Book” is on shelves now.