woman sued for being ugly

Woman sued for formerly being “ugly” because her baby was born “ugly,” according to the father, Jian Feng.

*We’ve heard it all with this story. The buck stops here.

We have no way of knowing how it’s possible that someone could go as far as to actually sue someone for being, ummmmm, let’s say, beautifully challenged.

Now, in the case of a man suing a woman for formerly being a man, that would constitute fraud. But, for formerly being ugly…uhhhhh, I dunno!

This was the scenario between Jian Feng and his wife. According to the Huffington Post, he sued her on the grounds of false pretenses, for not telling him that she had a little bit of plastic surgery before they met.

The wife actually had a $100,000 worth of plastic surgery performed in South Korea. The judge ordered in favor of Jian Feng and ordered her to pay