corey booker at council meeting

Cory Booker casts vote for Shanique Davis Speight for a vacant city council that led to a near riot, Tuesday, Novemer 20, 2012.

*Newark, New Jersey is up in arms over the newest replacement on their City Council, but for reasons that may surprise you.

Corey Booker has been all over the news as Newark’s community mayor. He is the golden guy that will come and sit with your grandmother if you need to run to work or even come help out with shoveling the snow on your block during a winter storm.

So how is it that residents, political, and community activists are ready to go toe-to-toe with him over his vote for the newest city council member?

According to New Jersey’s Star-Ledger, City Hall was packed to the brim for the election of the newest city council member Tuesday when, out of nowhere, Mayor Corey Booker showed up to cast his vote because quorum or the amount of officials needed to vote was not met.