*Nicki Minaj just dropped a teaser for “Freedom,” a track from her upcoming album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up,” due Nov. 19.

“Freedom” appears to be a career retrospective for the performer. She raps, “They’ll never thank me for opening doors / But they ain’t even thank jesus when he died on the cross / Cause your spirit is ungrateful, b-tches is so hateful, I remain a staple / My career’s been the pink print/ When I retire tell ’em think pink / Pink friday is the imprint / And these b-tches basic, instinct.”

In the chorus she croons, “I feel free, I feel freedom why they mad / You should see them, burning up / Cause it’s crazy in here crazy in here crazy in here.” [Listen below. Explicit language]

Minaj’s much-hyped appearance in the upcoming season of “American Idol” will debut Jan. 16. She also recently released a music video for another track on the album called “The Boys,” which features Cassie. [Scroll down to watch. Explicit language]