*Nicki Minaj knows no limits when it comes to the stage.

The femcee told fans during a recent interview with London DJ Tim Westwood and Barbz that the next tour could include some fun genital treats for all.

When asked about the next tour, she suggested air born man bits.

“Maybe we’ll have some flying penises. Imagine we just have little penises flying through the air,” she said. “I don’t know you guys. It’s funny because I was actually thinking about that today, thinking about how we can build the third tour and make it even more amazing but we don’t know yet.”

Was she serious?

It’s hard to tell, but right now Nicki is on the road for the Reloaded Tour and not thinking that far ahead at the moment. But while she is out there hanging with her fans, she admitted being able to connect makes the experience worthwhile.

Besides that, the Barbie girl of 2012 is working on a clothing line she swears everyone is going to love.