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General David Patraeus

“Taste The Rainbow”
“Taste the rainbow” … That’s the thought that popped into my mind the day following the presidential elections. Like a Skittle’s rainbow, I wondered, did the Republicans now understand the “colors,” the hue of the United States? In the final tally, Republicans lost the Latino vote, the Asian vote, the women vote, the young vote and the Black vote. Ooooh, look at the rainbow coalition! Shout out to Jesse!

Can You Keep a Secret?
I admire General Petraeus, primarily because he resigned. He’s an alpha male with the accomplishments to prove it. But he let his “little” head think for him and the results left him WIDE OPEN, more than any Babyface song could have!  As the head of the CIA, he could not be WIDE OPEN. When the FBI informed him that his dalliance was traceable and culpable, he did what a man of honor should do – he stepped down. Those who think he should have stayed in his position because he is a brilliant man whose transgression was negligible and inconsequential truly miss the point! One slice of a man (or woman) does not negate the other. We as fellow human beings are each a testament to that living dichotomy. We are all possibly brilliant, but we all pay for doing dumb shit and Patreaus should be no exception.

So, yes, while General Petraeus is considered a great veteran/soldier/leader, he also committed a major error that heretofore he had not. And unlike the banks, he’s not too big to fail. He’s a man who still could not conquer the final frontier – SEX. No wonder it’s actually a legitimate tactic in the arsenal of subterfuge. Sex is a salient, powerful weapon and can be used to play mind tricks as well as any drug. Don’t sleep: Watch how sex is used in the CIA/terrorist suspense series “Homeland.” Want to make your unstable spy feel powerful and in control? Have sex with him. Psychological/sexual manipulation is a serious tool – and a dangerous weapon. Consequently, Patreus, knowing this, also left his home front uncovered, both his familial home and his CIA home!

When he opened the door to a mistress, he opened the door to infidelity and betrayal. His wife didn’t know he was having sex with Paula, so it was a betrayal to her. Or,  could he be compromised later to betray his country? (Or is that a “Homeland” episode?) If his wife had known, his “affair” would have only been an infidelity.

Wait … Check that.

Patreus’s affair also opened the door for – excuse my French – some serious sh*t to go down. It’s interesting that as the head of the CIA, Petraeus, didn’t suspect his paramour to be a double spy (not with her excellent lineage and credentials). (However, it’s still plausible motive and would make a great movie plot. … and there is a movie coming! … But, I digress.)

Although no counterintelligence, national security leaks are known, there is no doubt that Mrs. Paula Broadwell did have game! Check out the web she weaved when first she practiced to deceive! She went from first-time author with benefits to an emotional, jealous “other woman”, who then contacts the suspected rival – the other “other woman”, Jill Kelley – thereby creating friction for woman No. 2 and her suitors! And who are her suitors? Lo and behold, a “sexting” FBI agent (who started the investigation of Petraeus), and General #2, John Allen – literally, the man who would replace General No. 1 – Petraeus!

And in the peanut gallery, there’s Kelly’s identical twin – she has received letters of support from General #2, and reportedly has mental problems! Is this an opera or Shakespeare? Can this possibly get any juicier? Stay tuned!

About the Author: Jacqueline Rhinehart is the president and founder of Organic Soul Marketing, a consultation firm that integrates entertainment concepts into creative marketing, publicity and branding opportunities. She is the author of My Organic Soul, From Plato to Creflo, Emerson to MLK, Jesus to Jay-Z (Broadway/Random House). With a career span of 30 years in music, she is a masterful omni-media strategist, creating, developing and implementing memorable campaigns in music, entertainment and lifestyle industries. She is a native of South Carolina and Brooklyn, NY. For more information visit Jacqueline’s website at: or; email her at: [email protected].

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