oprah *Oprah Winfrey is something like a hero to many women, and some men.

The media mogul appears as if nothing can stop her, scare her, or keep her from obtaining the seemingly impossible.

But during a session at the annual O Magazine conference, the 58-year-old revealed to an audience of 5,000 or so that she once had a breast cancer scare, reports the NY Times.

Even her bestie was shaken up by the announcement; but the atmosphere was calmed when she said it was a false alarm.

An audience member scolded Oprah for unnerving Gale King.

But that wasn’t the only scare. She also announced that the doors of her popular magazine could be closing soon if revenue doesn’t pick up.

Besides, Oprah would like to reach a younger audience, somewhere between 20 and 30 years old. Currently, the median age of O readers is 49.