oscar generale & denny mendez

Branding expert Oscar Generale and his Italian superstar actress and girlfriend Denny Mendez on the red carpet at the 2012 Rome Film Festival.

*Hollywood Producer and Brand Strategist Oscar Generale alongside his girlfriend, Denny Mendez, the former Ms. Italy jet set to Italy for the Rome Film Festival.

The Hollywood power couple have been invited as special guests to attend the screening of Academy Award Winner Adrien Brody’s brand new film “Back to 1942.”

After a 15 hour plane journey, the couple wastes no time in preparing themselves for the screening, which was merely hours after their arrival. The beautiful Denny Mendez struts in an exquisite gown from Nicolas Jebran, which she carries ever so elegantly and gracefully.

Hollywood producer Generale frequently goes back to his roots of origin in Italy.  Meanwhile, he still has various other film projects to attend to in addition to finalizing a few branding deals for his Oscar Generale Advertising Agency in Los Angeles, where he continues to align his A-list of Hollywood stars with the world’s most exclusive and luxurious brands.

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