Producer, Branding Expert and Lifestyles Guru Oscar Generale lands a deal with BMW Motorrad

*Hollywood producer and product placement genius Oscar Generale, alongside his partner Ms. Simona Politi have worked numerous years together, promoting the most luxurious brands with their high profile Hollywood fraternity of contacts.

Generale and Politi have a knack for establishing great relationships between prestigious brands and highly sought after Hollywood personalities.

Their extensive portfolio include campaigns, promotions and product placement for the biggest brands and stars.  The Generale/Politi team continues their legacy through a new deal with luxury motor vehicles BMW Motorrad.

BMW Motorrad

Oscar Generale and Simona Politi now work together with BMW Motorrad to handle their Hollywood celebrity affiliations.

Most recently, Generale was present in Italy during the Rome Film Festival earlier this week.  He was there to organize a huge PR event for BMW.  Generale brought Academy Award winner Adrien Brody to be apart of BMW Motorrad’s “Ride of your Life” Campaign, conducting various press events and releases for the German Motor House.

In addition, Generale brought together some of the most influential personalities from Hollywood, and organized a private dinner with Academy Award winners Paul Haggis, Adrien Brody, and Ric Yune.  Oscar Generale runs his operations from his HQ, Oscar Generale Productions in Beverly Hills, CA.   (