Oscar Generale, The New OG
Original Guru of Business & Style

*Oscar Generale is our resident curator of lifestyles of the rich and fabulous.  This week Oscar  gives these two identifiers for spotting a viable business venture.

Oscar Generale: “The company invests money in order to get results in communication, positioning, increasing sales and profits.”  Too often entrepreneurs leap into business with the total focus on product development, while positioning is key and is an often over looked factor in increasing sales and profits. Another factor is in placing complete trust in the guidance of a  branding expert.  In this case, the expertise is from a man who is gaining trans-continental fame as a product placement king.

Oscar Generale: “The property (or company) and the Marketing Director must trust in my marketing strategies.  By this, I am referring to clients who have a very specific mentality in order to promote their brands. I always take their opinions and thoughts into consideration, but if I feel that it conflicts with the strategies I have employed over a decade, I advise them accordingly. As this is PR, the nature of our industry is fluid, implying that nothing is set in stone, and activities are constantly subject to change. In these instances it is a little difficult to coordinate plans and strategies when decisions have to be made quickly.  In these instances my experience and resume speaks for itself.  The client will have to trust in my abilities and strategies, as it is my job to promote the brand, regardless of constant changes in the promotional ventures.”

Recording artist Paula Lobos at Oscar Generale’s Showroom in Beverly Hills

There is a reason Generale can get big names on the phone and be the closer on enormous deals.  Insiders know Oscar as a booker of talent for high profile events and product launches.

His specialty is brand exposure in the film, television, music and entertainment industries. Oscar branded Bruce Willis with Cesare Paciotti Jewels, Paris Hilton with Bliss, and John Travolta with Telecom Italia.

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