*If you asked Pastor Tami Robinson how she ended up being arrested for what has been called illegal activity, she would say that she was just doing God’s work, says BlackBlueDog.com.

Robinson moved people into two abandoned homes by filing paperwork with the Property Appraiser’s Office and then changing the locks on the door and giving the key to the new residents.

While Robinson says that the people she gave the homes to were struggling people who needed homes, authorities argued that her actions were illegal. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office called her actions a crime of burglary, fraud and grand theft and arrested Robinson and Samantha Magras-Gavin, a member of Robinson’s church.

After being arrested, now Robinson is suing the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office accusing them of harassment and racial prejudice. According to Robinson, she did not break the law because she took possession of the houses through an obscure legal concept called “adverse possession.”

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