*Last week BET announced the ironic shrinking and expansion of T.J. Holmes’ late night show “Don’t Sleep!,” claiming the demand for great, solid programming is high.

But the move may have been a bit premature or the time slot is completely off.

According to reports, the show is looming over the trashcan as ratings aren’t reinforcing the good idea.

For some reason, the network could blame the viewers for not showing up if the show gets canceled. But let us remember the hour in which this progressive current issues show broadcasts.

The show’s failing ratings could also be that the expansion was too much too fast. Perhaps the half-hour was good enough, and the team executed that amount of time well.

In a piece called “Who’s to Blame for Sleeping on ‘Don’t Sleep!’? Not the Viewers,” Rahiel Tesfamariam of the Washington Post suggests “bite-sized doses until they being to yearn for its taste on their own.”

She also writes, “The threat of too much of a good thing becoming a bad thing” particularly holds for BET’s efforts to push forth socially conscious material to an audience whose palate has largely been cultivated for junk.

Basically, positive, thought-provoking content is like trying to get a druggie to go cold turkey. It doesn’t work. Rehab is a process, a slow one.

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