jesse jackson*The Jesse Jackson Jr. story continues to have m ore twists and turns than a mountain road.

The latest chapter is that he has been released from the Mayo Clinic, but is now AWOL according to a published report.

Could it be because he may have to go to jail for possible misuse of campaign funds? This includes charges that the congressman used the alleged ill gotten gains to redecorate his Washington, D. C. home, and possibly buy a $40,000 Rolex for a female friend.

Jackson Jr.’s wife, Chicago’s 7th Ward Alderman Sandi Jackson, is also under federal investigation for criminal charges that she assisted her husband in using campaign funds to redecorate their Washington D.C. home, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

In any event, here’s what the Atlantic Wire is reporting:

We thought that there was a possibility he was going to show up in Washington since the House of Representatives was set to convene yesterday evening. Well, he wasn’t there either.

“The congressman’s Washington-based spokesman Frank Watkins said Jackson had not checked into his Washington office,” reports Sarah Burnett of the AP, who added, “And two of Jackson’s Illinois colleagues in the Black Congressional Caucus — Reps. Danny Davis and Bobby Rush — said through spokeswomen that they had not heard from him.”

And it gets even more puzzling as his father, Jesse Jackson, has told some media outlets that he’s still actually at The Mayo Clinic reports Burnett. That means that someone’s lying. Jackson’s disappearance coincides with an ongoing federal probe into allegations of misusing campaign funds to decorate his house, an alleged plea deal for said campaign funds, and just yesterday the Huffington Post reported that the campaign finances probe was expanded to include his wife Sandi.

Wow, this story is getting deeper and crazier by the moment. We’ll keep you updated.