*Nu Vision Productions brings its play, “RESTORATION: The New Beginning,” back to audiences by popular demand.

This modern day version of the prodigal son, tells the story of a single father and the two sons he is raising following the death of his wife some 10 years ago.  The eldest son, Doug, is helping the father, Mr. Fuller, in the family business; while the younger son, Steve – who is supposed to be attending college to get his degree, has opted to become rebellious and live life to the fullest. With this agenda, he heads to New York; leaving behind everyone who loves him: his immediate family, and his long time girlfriend, Lisa, who loves him dearly and wants him to marry her one day.  Now the story takes a twist as he pursues the good life.

The play stars Dwight Woody from “The Parkers.”

Over the years, writer, director and producer Doug Thomas has authored numerous plays:  “Almost Midnight,” “Decisions,” “The Verdict,” and “After the Suicide,” which lead him to create his production company, NU Vision Productions. These works have been brought to life at venues such as The Salvation Army Auditorium, West Angeles Performing Arts Theater, Stage 52 and the Warner Grand Theater.Thomas, a singer who once formed his own group called, “All Spice,” has worked with various artists including Ronnie Laws; and has performed at venues such as The Hollywood Bowl and The Coconut Grove.

RESTORATION: The New Beginning will make its debut this Saturday, December 1, 7PM, at the West Angeles Performing Arts Theater, 3020 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

For more information call: 562-508-8841