*Since reality shows like “Love & Hip Hop” came out, it seems as if we viewers only get one side of the relationship stories. Emily Bustamante and her relationship with Fabolous in particular has been one of the most confusing of them all.

The rapper came out about their arrangement on “The Combat Jack Show,” saying everything is all gravy but he doesn’t plan to get married.

“We great. I think me and Emily situation through the show got tainted through the public view ’cause it was really a one-sided story,” Fabolous said, adding that he had no problem with her doing “Love & Hip Hop” as long as she was careful about herself. “I did tell her, ‘If you want to do that show, you have to be mindful of what’s going on.’ A lot of girls go into those shows not knowing exactly what they are getting into.”

He added that with the show, everything is edited, and though Emily is careful with her words, at times only the ‘juicy’ stuff makes the cut.

Besides that, marriage is not on his radar right now. Fabolous says he’s on the fence about the whole idea because “people put that ring and that paper and it messes up a good thing sometimes.”

Or could it be he just has commitment issues?