star jones on wendy

*If you missed it, Star Jones was on the Wendy Williams Show earlier today.

And of course whenever Star in front of a microphone she is compelled to give her opinion on whatever she’s asked.

Naturally the subject turned to the recent Presidential election, Donald Trump’s comments about Obama and more.

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We’re sure you won’t be surprised to know that Wendy just had to kn ow Star’s thoughts on Stacey Dash’s less than popular endorsement of Mitt Romney.

“I encourage African-Americans, brown people to be involved in politics, because you know I encourage you to be a part of both national parties,” Jones responded. “But if you have a vagina, brown skin, and a brain, I don’t see how you could have endorsed Romney.”

Lawd have mercy, she came out the box swinging. But Miss Jones wasn’t through.

“Romney-Ryan was against health, voter suppression, and every major policy flipped throughout the campaign. So, you do you, endorse who your gonna endorse, but understand, I’m gonna come for it.”

Jones also had this to say about Donald Trump’s announcement last month, that he would pay President Obama $5 million to reveal his college transcripts and passport records:

“You wanna just pull it back and pump your brakes a little bit,” said Jones. “Especially when you are talking about subjects as sensitive as these are.”

And what about that fictional novel she scripted called “Satan’s Sisters” which she trying to bring to screen?

“I had a producers call yesterday and the script is about to be presented to VH1.”