*BET’s “Don’t Sleep,” hosted by former CNN anchor T.J. Holmes, just got the official word that the new nighttime show would be expanded to a full one-hour experience; but only once a week.

Critics, however, doubted the show would be of this world too much longer. But network president Stephen Hill says it’s become a fan favorite.

“You can check your Twitter #BETDontSleep,” Hill told AlwaysAList.com. “The number of people who have asked for this show to be one hour is incredible. That is absolutely for real. Because of other commitments, we couldn’t do an hour nightly. We also weren’t getting as deep into issues as we wanted to in a half of an hour. If it was going to be canceled, the show would have just been canceled. What we really want to do is make a great weekly show that digs a bit deeper and respects our audience’s intelligence by getting into subjects with real meaning in a meaningful way. Having an hour weekly is the way we’re hoping to get that done.”

So no cancellation threats here.

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