*Tamar Braxton has a boisterous personality that certainly makes her out to be a demanding diva between her and hubby Vince.

But she admits Vince is the man of the household.

“Everybody thinks that I run this house. I definitely don’t. He definitely does, and he is a divo,” she told Ebony magazine.

With the couple’s new spin-off show, “Tamar & Vince,” audiences get a different look into the lives of this dynamic relationship and see how the two work together.

Tamar says her husband has “divo” tendencies. If you’ve been watching, you know the show also put fans in the front seat of their struggle to have children.

“We wanted to bring awareness to things that people were afraid to talk about. I just thought that it was very important for women to understand that when you hit 30 and 31— and people joke about a biological clock, but it is a real thing and it does tick,” she said.

Surprisingly, “Tamar & Vince” wasn’t  her idea. Vince had to convince the singer and socialite the show was a good idea. He told her this would give people a different perspective of Tamar.

“He felt that it was necessary for people to see the other side of me. People only see me being the loudmouth, bratty younger sister and he was like, ‘there’s so much more to you than that,’ and I feel people definitely need to see that,” she said.

“Tamar & Vince” airs Thurs at 9|8c on WE tv.