jessica tata

Jessica Tata, 24, was found guilty of the death of a toddler in her home daycare that burned to death after she left them in her home alone while going shopping at Target, February 2011.

*It is so much harder to find qualified, caring daycare professionals to keep your children these days.

The most horrific accidents and murders have occurred at the hands of those entrusted to provide a safe environment for children.

Jessica Tata, 24, of Houston, Texas, was running her own home daycare when she decided to go to Target and shop. She left toddlers in the house alone and a fire broke out.

Neighbors listened to the children screaming for their lives as four of seven children burned to death in the fire. Those that were not consumed by the flames, were seriously injured, according to the Boston Globe.

The children’s ages ranged from 16 months to 3 years.