william owens

William Owens

*The Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) called on President Obama and the NAACP to repudiate a recent ad by same-sex marriage supporters in Maryland urging Black Christians to ignore their own pastors’ teachings and vote for the same-sex marriage ballot initiative.

“The Black church has been the conscience of not only the Black community but of the nation,” said Rev. Williams Owens, Founder and President of CAAP. “It’s bad enough for President Obama to personally support gay marriage, now he and this ad are urging Black Christians to ignore their pastors and are attempting to re-educate the Black Christian community for political gain. This has to stop.

“This ad is the worst attempt at pandering and manipulating the Black community to ignore their own pastors who rightfully uphold the sanctity of traditional marriage. President Obama, whose support for same-sex marriage is used in the ad to explicitly pressure Black listeners to ignore their church’s teachings, must disavow the ad and its message.”