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Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S lll

Good day, gadgeteers. The one and only Gadget Guy is back with the latest update on mobile technology. I must say it’s been a while – six months to be exact. My apologies to all my faithful readers who have been eagerly awaiting my posts. In my absence, I have been on a journey of self. I’ve been trying to become a better me, so I can be a better and more consistent Gadget Guy. I now see the light and I’m here to stay in keeping you informed on what we love: gadgets and technology.

So, let’s jump right into it.

Six months in the tech world is a lifetime in the real world. So, I’ll just take a few moments and highlight some of the events that stood out.


The iPhone 5 – Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last couple of months, you have definitely heard of Apple’s latest iteration of the popular mobile phone. The screen is now four inches and has LTE. It’s slimmer than the iPhone 4, and it’s longer. But other than those upgrades, it’s the same iPhone you’ve grown to know and love.

The iPad Mini – On the heels of the iPhone 5 release, Apple debuted the iPad Mini. What’s interesting about this is when Steve Jobs was alive, RIP Steve, he said that there was no way that there would ever be a 7″ tablet with Apple’s name on it, then comes the mini. Technically he was right, though; the iPad Mini is 7.9 inches. Most speculate that the reason apple released this phone was to compete with its arch nemesis Google, and its 7″ tablet that revolutionized the price points for such devices. At a shocking 199.00 for a 16 GB Nexus 7, Google officially became the iPad’s biggest competitor.


Nexus 4 – The highly anticipated device was recently released with Android’s newest operating system, Jellybean 4.2, on November 13th. However, due to a crash on Google’s servers, many people didn’t get a chance to order it. It sold out within 20 minutes of its release. It was a fiasco and with no pre-order availability, Google botched yet another highly anticipated release.

Nexus 7- Originally released in January ’12, this 7″ tablet officially made Android tablets competition for Apple’s iPad. To date, it’s sold 5 million units, which is very impressive for a Google Tablet. Manufactured by ASUS, the NEXUS 7 originally debuted with 8 GB and 16 GB versions starting at 199.00 and 249.00 respectively. About two weeks ago, Google decided to drop the 8 GB version, lower the price on the 16 GB version, and add a 32 GB version with and without a 3G connection. The company caught some flack about that though, because many people who bought the 16 GB version for 249.00 didn’t get a refund or an option to upgrade. There were also some kinks in this ordering process and some screen defects that tried to rain on Google’s parade. All in all it’s a great tablet for the price, and its most likely the reason Apple decided to create the iPad Mini.

Galaxy S3 – If there’s one android device that’s hot right now, it’s the Galaxy S3. Manufactured by Samsung, this device has become the iPhone’s biggest competitor. With over 20 million sold worldwide (soon to be 30 million), this phone is considered one of the best selling Android phones of all time. Unlike the iPhone, it’s available on all carriers in the US, and has the option for removable storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – This Phablet has already sold 5 million units and has made a name for itself as super huge phone or a super small tablet. Originally released in the spring, Samsung has increased the size of the screen while emulating its hot-selling Galaxy S3. It’s available on all of the major networks except Verizon.


Microsoft is not taking losing a huge percentage of the mobile market lying down. In sync with its desktop operating system, Microsoft debuted Windows Phone 8 earlier this month. Partnering with HTC and Nokia, the company released the two major devices in hopes to resurrect its slouching market share.

HTC8X- Microsoft and HTC have worked collaboratively for a long time. The original PocketPC smartphone was a result of their partnership. Since then, a lot has changed. (Apple’s iPhone changed the game, and Windows took a while to catch up) The HTC8X packs a powerful punch in a small and fashionable package. I won’t get into specifics in this article, but I will have a detailed review within the next couple of weeks.

Nokia Lumia 900 Series – Nokia’s decision to merge with Microsoft has yet to be profitable. The company is trying to change that with the release of the Nokia 900 series. Like HTC, these phones come in a variety of different colors to match consumer’s wants. While the sale of Windows Phones over the last two years haven’t been stellar, Nokia hopes to win big with a low price point and compact device that has the latest Windows software to match.

Whew, that was a lot of information to digest. Rest assured though, throughout the next couple of weeks, I will do my best to keep you updated on latest and greatest. If you have questions about a particular device, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or follow me on Twitter @gogogagdetguy. Also look forward to some video reviews coming around the first of the year. This is EUR’s own Gadget Guy signing off.

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