*The self-proclaimed gangster rapper, The Game, who claims to be from the hood (when others say he grew up in the suburbs in the outskirts of Los Angeles), has supposedly turned to Jesus.

He’s decided to incorporate a little heaven in his new album, “Jesus Piece,” to show his dedication to God.

“Last year in August, I got Baptized,” he told Jenny Boom Boom, from Hartford’s Hot 93.7. “I been gone to church, but I’ve still been doing me. I still love the strip clubs; I still smoke and drink. And I’m faithful to my family. But everybody loves God, even the most gangster of gangsters loves Jesus.”

He was sure to keep it gangster and clean it up with, “I am still gang affiliated… I’m not trying to change or hide being a Blood or growing up the way I [grew] up … I do my thing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go to heaven or don’t believe in God and that I can’t pick up a Bible when I get home. It don’t got nothing to do with that.”

The album isn’t without it’s sinful collaborations.

Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne are also featured on the project, which was previously called “V” (the Roman numeral 5).

The Game is a new Christian and committed to his faith, but he said he’s not planning to leave the rap game anytime soon.

So don’t expect a Ma$e move from him.