*Serena and Venus Williams took off to Nigeria for the first time and plan to make an impact.

The sisters say they want to inspire children to dream big.

“We were really able to break the mold and win a lot of Grand Slams and a lot of tournaments and not only that, but kind of change the face of tennis,” Serena said Wednesday before an exhibition match against her sister in Lagos on Friday.

“We were able to break the mold in a sport that was really dominated by white people … it doesn’t matter what your background is and where you come from. If you have dreams, if you have goals, that’s all that really matters.”

Wednesday they made a stop to play tennis with children, offspring of the nation’s wealthiest, at a private club on Ikoyi Island.

But seriously, playing with rich kids isn’t what really matters. Those ladies have a few more years left in tennis and then it’s over.

Although Serena publicly expressed her waning care for the game, the Williams sisters are focused on raking in those titles.

“We were talking … about how we can’t wait to get to Rio,” Serena said, commenting that the 2016 Olympics is their main focus right now. “And obviously, being that we’re both healthy, that’s our goal to be there.”