rosie lewis

Ms. Rosie Lewis, 99, has voted for the first time and her vote is with Obama.

*The big day is here and everyone is excited, but some are setting real milestones with their vote.

A lot of Americans will be casting their vote for the very first time; some that are becoming old enough to vote; some who have just become citizens; and those that are feeling like citizens for the first time.

Women and African Americans have had their vote, thus their voice, prohibited, stifled, intercepted, and infiltrated throughout America’s history.

The battle for equality in the history of this country has been nothing less than insurmountable, yet our perseverance pushed through the relentless curtain of racism to get our chance at voting.

But Rosie Lewis had seen too much in an effort to finally get the vote and she decided that voting was not for her…until now.