“America’s Next Top Model” judge Rob Evans has turned himself in to police after allegedly beating up another man so badly, the guy ended up in the hospital, TMZ is reporting.

Evans reportedly turned himself in at the Beverly Hills police department Wednesday morning on a felony assault charge. He was released 25 minutes later after posting $60,000 bail.

As previously reported, a warrant was issued for Evans’ arrest following the fight in March in Beverly Hills. Details surrounding the fight are unclear. But sources close to Evans — a former boxer — tell TMZ, Evans was completely unaware of the warrant being issued until very recently. As soon as he caught wind of it, we’re told he contacted his lawyers who advised him to turn himself in.

As for the fight itself — sources close to Evans tell us the alleged victim was trash-talking Evans when he reared up as if to attack him, so Evans laid him out. Evans is insisting the punch was in self-defense.

So far, no court date has been set.