christie & obama*There’s an expression:  “don’t hate, participate!”

That’s what I say to Republicans who think New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie went too far in praising President Obama’s speedy and sympathetic response to Hurricane Sandy.

Gov. Christie’s cooperation with the President in this disaster – and his willingness to acknowledge Mr. Obama’s exceptional efforts – sets a model of bipartisanship that the Republicans on Capitol Hill could learn a lot from.

Mitt Romney brags that when he was governor of Massachusetts he reached across the aisle and brokered positive compromises with the Democrat-controlled legislature.  But Gov. Romney takes too much credit for himself – the Democrats in Massachusetts were willing to cooperate with Romney to get work done on behalf of the people of that state.

But the Republicans in Congress – even before they took over the House in 2010 – never evidenced that kind of cooperative attitude with President Obama.  Time and time again over the last four years GOP Senators and members of the House have opposed, obstructed and otherwise blocked President Obama.  They refused to compromise with the President on issues like extending unemployment benefits for the longterm jobless, providing mortgage relief to underwater homeowners, and even the American Jobs Act.

In so doing, Republican lawmakers in Washington have subjugated the best interests of the American people to their own, selfish political ends.

Gov. Chris Christie teamed up with President Obama to alleviate the suffering of people in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.  But Gov. Christie’s Republican colleagues in the US Senate and House of Representatives have worked against President Obama and that has extended the suffering of the American people hit by an economic hurricane rivaled only by the Great Depression!

Obstructionism is unpatriotic!  Don’t hate, participate!

Thanks for listening.  I’m Cameron Turner and that’s my two cents.

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