exit sign

Since President Obama’s re-election, 20 states want the right to separate from the rest of the United States just as they did during the Civil War.

*It appears that since some of the country re-elected President Obama to continue to successfully put out fires of the preceding administration, those that did not, want out. And somebody PLEASE say they can get it.

For the longest time, some Americans have been asking African Americans to return to Africa as though they are not imports as well. And now that they are asking for secession, my vote is that they get it and return to Europe, so the rest of us can get on with American business…America as it should be!

The absurdity of a new petition to separate from the U.S., should not be met with the same leniency of the Civil War era when the secession resulted in the North (Yankees) vs. the South (Rebels). Oh no! The U.S. military, upon signing off on the petition to separate, should load up their massive Navy freight ships with America’s expatriates, who want nothing to do with President Obama.