tyra banks on wendy*The always entertaining Tyra Banks hit up the Wendy Williams Show on Friday.

Apparently she had making babies and relationships on her mind. Scroll down to see what she had to say about her recent breakup, dating & her “crispy” eggs.

The ex-supermodel and now entertainment business mogul, says she and banker John Utendahl are no longer an item. They’ve gone their separate ways after 4 years, but remain great friends.

“We just talked last night.”

But when Wendy asked if he had “benefits,” Tyra said, “No!”

It also looks like she’s afraid she’s running out of time to have a child. With Utendahl out of the picture, and being 38 years-old, she’s looking for Mr. Right because she’s scared her eggs are, as she said, “kind of poached.”

Oh Tyra, you’re a real hoot. Watch: