warren sapp*Didn’t mama tell you not to go sticking your business in every girl’s … um, er, you know the rest? Well apparently former NFL star Warren Sapp didn’t listen, so he’s paying now.

After being reduced to a monthly child support paycheck among his five baby-mama’s, the athlete is begging the court for some relief.

Currently he’s dishing out $2,500 for at least one of his children. But now he’s saying he’s running low on dough.

Um, he’s either lying terribly, or he’s like all those other irresponsible rookie players that spend all their money in a year.

Sapp earned $36.6 million over a 7-year period, says TMZ – that is $14,000 a day. So that $2,500 a month for one kid should be chump change, right?

Well, he did file for bankruptcy protection after he blew his money on sneakers and things.

Now he’s pulling at the court’s coattail, asking for a ‘sentence’ reduction; while he’s stacking up back child support with four other mama’s knocking on his door for their share of owed money.