rudy ray moore and girls*Two things.

One: Why do people wait until the accused can no longer argue the point to make the point?

Two: Why is it that the most apparently sex-crazed mo-fo’s (and lets be real here, if you know anything about the work of Rudy Ray Moore, he was never without harems of naked women) turn out to be gay?

Ponder these thoughts while we scratch our collective heads here, will ya?

With that out of the way, someone closer than close to the legendary Rudy Ray Moore aka “Dolemite,” may have opened up a can of whip-ass with the claim that the original Mr. Big D*ck…Don’t look at us like that! That’s actually his name on the album “This P**sy Belongs To Me” (Google it!)  played for ‘the other team’ in real life.

rudy ray moore dolemiteDonald Randall was Moore’s longtime manager and friend, and he is now working with the icon’s family as executor of his estate.

This gives him the power to produce a series of products around the Rudy Ray Moore brand; including a biopic; an in-depth documentary titled, “Who Is Rudy Ray Moore?” which will show Randall’s life on the road with Moore, revealing interviews with fans, colleagues, and industry insiders along with never-before-seen x-rated materials such as photos, music and concert footage. Randall is also planning to do a remake of…wait for it…The infamous DOLEMITE movie!

Fans of this blaxploitation icon, and frontrunner to much of the hip-hop verbiage we know and love today, should be in hog-heaven with anticipation.

Moore died in a convalescent home in 2008 from complications with diabetes. To read Donald Randall’s revealing interview with Carlton Jordan, click here.