katt williams performing *Poor Katt Williams’ spiral downward continues.

The latest is his public meltdown which went down in Oakland, and was attributed to him getting hold of some bad cocaine.

It has been rumored that the comedian has been on drugs for quite some time, which may be the cause of all of his recent run-ins with the law.

On Friday, during a concert at the Oracle Arena, Williams began removing his shirt and sweating profusely while spewing out a rambling set of monologues.  All within the span of ten minutes, he began verbally attacking a heckler and threatened to fight the individual backstage before telling him to bring his “b*tch” with him.

He was later escorted off of the stage by his security, leaving fans upset and demanding a refund.

A sad situation indeed. Watch below and say a prayer for Katt.

(Be advised language is NSFW.)