*Social media has made the world much smaller and much easier for people to share their deepest, ugliest thoughts and opinions, while remaining anonymous; or fully supported by a collection of digital friends.

Denise Helms probably thought her ‘harmless’ n-word name calling towards the president on Facebook was going to go unnoticed.

She was wrong. Not only was it seen, but now the woman has been receiving threats.

During election night, Denise (22) took to her FB page to discuss her sentiments and overall disgust with the re-election of president Barack Obama.

She wrote, “Another 4 years of this (n-word). Maybe he will get assassinated this term.”

OK, first of all, that almost sounds like a threat; but everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

She thought the message was safe since she locked the page for private viewing only. But her ex-boyfriend saw the post, took a screenshot, and put it on Twitter.

Oh boy was the response quick. She lost her job as store manager at a local Cold Stone Creamery, and the company was contacted by the NAACP.

Now, in an attempt to defend herself, Denise swears she’s not a racist.

“It does [sound like I’m a racist],” Helms said, “but I am not. That’s what everyone’s been telling me, ‘You know, what you said sounded so racist,’ and it does, and you know, I take it back. If I could erase what I said, I would .”