*Alicia Keys may have swept fans away with her latest album, but it looks like she’s again being accused of stealing… this time someone else’s lyrics.

According to reports, the singer’s hit single, “Girl on Fire” is just a rehashing of another songwriter’s hard work. Earl Shuman and Leon Carr’s 1960’s hit, “Hey There Lonely Girl” is apparently the foundation for Alicia’s ladies anthem.

This is serious.

Shuman told Showbiz 411 that he’s going to take legal action against the girl on fire for lifting two whole lines:

“Nobody knows that she’s a lonely girl/And it’s a lonely world.”

Shuman may be 89, but he still knows his rights. He and his former colleague have begun the search for a suitable lawyer.

But this isn’t the first time the gentlemen have sought legal action for the song. Shuman revealed he sued both Anita Baker and the Beastie Boys for also using parts of the song without his permission.

Admittedly, Alicia credits another musician’s work that was dubbed on the record – Billy Squiers’ ‘The Big Beat.”

In the meantime, she’s also thinking about another extreme look. She told the Associated Press that she’s thinking about shaving her head completely bald.

”I’m thinking about something like that. I’m telling you. I’m going there. I’m doing it.”

Don’t do it Alicia. Don’t do it.