*Alicia Keys is the woman of the year, in a lotta folks’ book.

She’s got a family, she’s got a new album, she’s even produced a Broadway play. To paraphrase her new CD, she’s a girl on fire.

In a recent interview with 97.1 AMP Los Angeles, she discussed the recent journey of her life and career, saying that she’s taken things to a whole new level.

“I’m in a new space of my life and I think that because of that, I was more open to just doing things I never did before.” she told 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles. “I needed to do things I never did before. I couldn’t go in and do it in maybe the comfortable way that I’ve been used to doing it. I needed to break all the rules and break all the walls down and because of that, I think the songs have come together in the best way I’ve ever written.”

She’s certainly got everyone’s attention, being that her album debuted at No. 1. This album, she explained, is everything she’s got. No boundaries, no limits, this joint is the joint for Alicia Keys.

“I wanted to make songs that were going to be like really special, so I feel proud. I feel like I achieved that,” she said.