mel greig & michael christian

2Day FM hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian successfully pranked the hospital staff where Kate Middleton was being treated for severe morning sickness.

*Nephew Tommy and Rickey Smiley have been the reigning kings of prank calls, but they have been usurped by a couple of knucklehead DJ’s down under.

Two Australian radio hosts may have gotten hospital staff members at the King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes in London staff fired. The dynamic duo, hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian, at Sydney’s 2Day FM made a prank call to the hospital to see if they could get any information on Prince William’s bride, Kate Middleton’s condition…and were allowed access to her nursing staff, according to Time magazine.

As the whole world knows by now, the duchess is pregnant and struggling with a rare violent version of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum. During the two-minute conversation Greig and Christian posed as the Queen of England and Prince Charles (This is too funny.).