*The billionaire owner of an Australian golf resort is putting it out there. He doesn’t want Tiger Woods in his Australian PGA Tournament anymore because he considers the golfer a has-been.

“Tiger Woods isn’t the No 1 golfer in the world anymore,” said Clive Palmer, owner of the Palmer Coolum Resort, in an interview with The Australian. “We don’t want to look backwards, we want to look forwards. So why would you get Tiger Woods here? I would prefer to have Peter Senior than Tiger Woods.

Clive Palmer

Palmer is hoping to keep the Australian PGA Championship at his venue after 10 straight years, but says Woods is no longer good enough to invite.

“I am sure Peter Senior could beat Tiger Woods on a good day. I am sure he could,” he told The Australian, adding, “Tiger Woods has improved a lot but he’s an emotional wreck and he’s not a good example for kids, anyway.”

Woods played in the Australian Open a year ago and it was a televised event in the United States that had reporters rushing Down Under to cover his every move, according to writer Shane Bacon of Devil Ball Golf. “This year, with Tiger not in the field? It was hardly a blip on the screen.”