basketball wives la*The Season 2 finale of “Basketball Wives LA” aired Monday night (12/10/12) followed by the first part of the reunion show – talk about a hot mess.

Arguing in public almost nonstop, while visiting New Orleans to rebuild homes for those still affected by the 2005 Hurricane Katrina, was par for the course. And the reunion show wasn’t much better as host John Salley could barely ask a question with all of the bickering.

Season 2 was a continuation of a highly charged first season.  To recap, in the first season (debuted on VH1 2011), Jackie Christie (married to retired baller Doug Christie) put a wedge in the cast the size of the state of Texas.

The cast mainly consisted of Gloria Govan (recently eloped with longtime baller boyfriend Matt Barnes), Laura Govan (now engaged to baller Gilbert Arenas), Malaysia Pargo (married to baller Jannero Pargo), and Draya Michele, a stripper turned model.

Jackie wasted no time blabbing to the other women about each other’s very personal issues.  Once the ladies discovered Jackie was spreading rumors and half-truths, they confronted her as Season 1 winded down.  Jackie denied any wrongdoing, which spilled over to the Season 1 Reunion show.

In Season 2, one of the main storylines consisted of Malaysia appointing herself as the savior to mend this mess and unlikely friendships began to take shape.  Surprisingly, Draya became Jackie’s fastest ally, while newcomers Brooke Bailey (model and girlfriend to baller Vernon Macklin) and Bambi (rapper and best childhood friend of Malaysia) eventually became team Jackie.

Gloria wasn’t buying any of it and her sister Laura decided to deal with things in her own way.  While she was nice to Jackie in person, when Jackie was not around she sang like a bird about how she didn’t like Jackie.  Constant confrontations took place between the two and this issue continued to divide the cast. Laura and Jackie continued to throw barbs at each other on Monday night’s reunion show regarding plastic surgery, being old – you name it – nothing was off limits.

The EUR caught up with Laura Govan at a recent toy drive she co-hosted with her sister and she insisted that she and Jackie are cool with one another:

With “Basketball Wives LA” and the original “Basketball Wives,” (based in Miami and executive produced by Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife, Shaunie O’Neal), it’s no surprise that the show definitely has its critics.

The biggest complaint is how badly the shows portray African American women with all of the arguing and physical fights.

Here’s what Gloria recently told the EUR about the franchise in general:

“Basketball Wives LA Reunion, Part 2” is slated to air next Monday (12/17/12). And, don’t worry – you can catch up on all of the storylines then. Check your local listings for show times.