big boi*Hip Hop has morphed over the years into something that is quite different than what the genre’s founders first cooked up.

Tremendous, out of the box artist and one half of Outkast, Big Boi tells CBS that these days, the youngin’s in the game could learn a lot from folks like Mumford & Sons.

“I’m biased because Mumford & Sons is one of my favorite groups,” he told CBS Local, when asked about the group’s GRAMMY chances. “What really turned me on to the Mumford & Sons-that’s why I like the GRAMMYS- is the live performances. When I saw them perform with the Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan, it blew me away. Killed it. I was looking for some banjo on this album after that.”

As mentioned before, he’s creative, open to experimenting with different genres and establishing a brand new sound. So he tells CBS that in the future a collaboration with Mumford & Sons is high on his priority list. He also adds that new artists can learn a bit from these types of projects.

“Their music is filled with feeling,” he said of Mumford and electronic Little Dragon. “Not just reciting words over a beat. They really feel it. The melodies, the riffs, they put songs together [with] song structure. These days it’s four rappers on every song, rap-hook-rap-hook-rap-hook, [then] thank you. It’s no build-up, no climax, just run-on sentences. People want to feel something you have to be real personal honest in your music and people will know where you’re coming from.”

Big Boi’s newest project “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors” comes out December 11.

Watch, as Big Boi talks about having a banjo callabo on his new CD:

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