janice mcclean deloatch*Baltimore, MD — WILL THE REAL ENTREPRENEUR PLEASE STAND UP!!!

Entrepreneurs Edge Tv, owned by JMD Entertainment & Media Group – headed by Janice McClean Deloatch’ (pictured) – is in an embroiling battle with Entrepreneur Media Inc. (Entrepreneur Magazine) playing out in the US Federal District Court in Maryland.

JMD, parent company for Entrepreneurs Edge TV is in battle for its business life against EMI (Entrepreneur), a publication that was started by a Professional Bank Robber, Chase Revel and that ironically, has built its fortune and reputation on helping and giving advice to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Now, Entrepreneur Media, instead of helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their businesses has become an entity that usurps entrepreneurs names and businesses through harassment and bullying techniques all in the name of claiming sole right to the word “Entrepreneur”, which it claims to have exclusivity to based on trademarks that they say they are protecting.  Classic David vs. Goliath Story.

EMI uses as part of its defense in protecting its trademark that that they have interviews with high profile interview subjects like Russell Simmons, Richard Branson, and Magic Johnson.  Well so does – Entrepreneurs Edge Tv.

Didn’t we learn anything from the Enron Corporation and Goldman Sachs of the world.  Bank bailouts, auto industry bailouts, mortgage industry bailouts.  It is always the little people that suffer. Hence, current economic trends.

And did somebody forget to tell the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office? Who seems to have finally awaken to the scam that EMI (Entrepreneur) uses to bully entrepreneurs like Janice McLean, founder and owner of Entrepreneurs Edge Tv – www.entrepreneursedge.tv and are currently investigating EMI (entrepreneur) for fraudulently using their trademark status to infringe on other companies trademark rights.

Entrepreneurs Edge Tv, is the latest victim among the long list of litigation actions brought by EMI (Entrepreneur Magazine) to profess that EMI has claim to sole ownership of the term “Entrepreneur.”

EMI has won some cases because the business did not have the finances to fight back, lost some cases where the business they went after had just as much money and resource as they (i.e. Bloomberg) or in some cases as with Entrepreneurs Edge Tv, EMI makes miniscule settlement offers, takes over the domain names and business titles of the entrepreneur and increases the profitability of the domain name built mostly from the work of the original entrepreneur.  There is nothing wrong with acquisition if its done the right way.

Tired of watching corporate conglomerates get away with greed?  Support the little guy – Entrepreneurs Edge Tv by boycotting EMI (Entrepreneur Magazine), sharing this story with your community, donating to the JMD legal defense fund.  To find out how or for more information please email to: [email protected], call 443-299-7360 or send donations to: JMD Entertainment Group, PO Box 1194, Abingdon, MD  21009.

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Mary E. Paulet
Media Relations – JMD Media