Blair Underwood

*Over the years, Blair Underwood has earned the respect of movie watchers, Broadway audiences and plenty of women, because of his great acting skills of course.

His most recent film production, “Woman Thou Art Loosed!: On the 7th Day,” is another reputable notch in his belt. But working with T.D. Jakes has been particularly insightful, he revealed in an interview with

“Not everyday, but he came down a couple times,” he said. “One time in particular he came down and we shot a scene with him in church while he was preaching. But he is of course very supportive of it. It is one of his many endeavors and he put this different model on it, held his obligations about it, followed it and it really affords his work— it’s a good thing.”

The actor also chatted about working with Tyler Perry, comedy and marriage.

“Oh, yeah my wife and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary Sept. 17th. Best decision I’ve ever made — from the time we first started dating she’d say, ‘If people even knew what kind of fool you are and how crazy you like to act they would never believe it,’” he said. “You know our kids now, our oldest son is 15, our daughter is 13 and our youngest son is 11 and I’m constantly embarrassing them. I tell them it’s my job as your father is to embarrass you.”

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